The Mission of the Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation is to make a positive difference in the
lives of dyslexic children in Alabama by assiting them in achieving their highest potential.

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The Scottish Rite Masons of Alabama can point with pride to our Foundation’s successes and ongoing work in carrying out our mission of assisting children with dyslexia achieve their potential.  The success of our work to secure the adoption of the Dyslexia Amendments to the Alabama Administrative Code will provide lasting benefits for all children in Alabama.

Our continued work to support schools as they become equipped to fulfill the promise of the Dyslexia Amendments is of vital importance. Our webinar-based professional development is in high demand by schools across Alabama. Additionally, the need for children who do not respond to initial dyslexia interventions to receive in-depth dyslexia evaluations will continue in the coming years.

The support of Scottish Rite Masons is essential to the continued success of this program.  Your are encouraged to lend whatever financial support you are able to contribute.