The Alabama Scottish Rite Learning Centers offer dyslexia evaluations for Alabama children, in mid-first grade through 8th grade.  The Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation has a network of evaluators, available to perform these free services.  Children from all over Alabama are evaluated at no cost to families at various locations as time and funding permit.

If your child has not yet been screened for dyslexia by your local public school:
Request that your school complete a dyslexia screening as detailed in Section 4 of the Alabama Dyslexia Resource Guide and required by the Alabama Administrative Code immediately.  Contact us for assistance in securing this screening if needed.

If your child has already been screened for dyslexia by your local public school:
Contact us ONLY if your child is NOT responding well to the dyslexia-specific intervention and dyslexia services being provided.  If your child has failed the dyslexia screening provided by your school AND is not responding to the dyslexia-specific intervention being provided (after at least 6 months) we will conduct a full dyslexia evaluation in an effort to provide you and your school with additional information regarding the characteristics of your child’s dyslexia and supports needed for academic success.

If your child does not attend a public school (attends a private school or is homeschooled):
You may request a dyslexia evaluation at one of our locations across the state. Click the Request for Evaluation link below and provide the needed information

About the Evaluation
The dyslexia evaluation can be completed within two to three hours. You will receive a brief verbal summary of preliminary results at the completion of the evaluation. A written evaluation report will be sent generally within 60 days of the date of the evaluation.

Requesting an Evaluation
Click the link below to complete the Request for an Evaluation. We process these requests quarterly or as our waiting list needs dictate. You will receive an email after your request has been processed. Due to the number of requests we receive, the delay in evaluating your child may be six months or more.  If you need an evaluation more quickly, contact us and we will furnish you with names of available private evaluators who charge varying rates for dyslexia evaluations.

Dyslexia Checklist for TeachersRequest for Evaluation

Dyslexia evaluations are provided at no cost to Alabama’s children through the philanthropy of the Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation. There is considerable cost to the Foundation for the time and materials needed to complete each evaluation. If you would like to help support our work, please use this link to contribute to the Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation.

Testing for dyslexia is provided free to Alabama’s children, however, there are costs incurred by the Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation. If you would like to help provide testing, please use this link and support us!

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